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GOLD RUSH By Aliseena and Asahak

No description

guildford public

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of GOLD RUSH By Aliseena and Asahak

by Ali seena and Asahak
Gold Facts Page 1
miner's tools Page 2
Sir Edward Hargraves Page 3
Housing Page 4
Food Page 5
Eureka uprising Page 6
Interesting Fact Page 7
Bibliography Page 8
Gold Facts!
Gold is a precious metal it is useful for making people reach.
Compared to other metal,gold is much softer.
One can make a wire almost 100 kilometer long. Most people left there jobs just to find gold but some didn't even find any gold.
Miners Tools







Miners had to chose to do alluvial Gold or Shaft Minning
Sir Edward Hargraves
Edward Hargraves is the first person that found gold in NSW.
Edward Hargraves had help from John Lister William Tom and
James Tom.
Edward Hargraves used Lister and the brothers by saying to the government that he found gold but John and the brother were the ones that found and showed him but Edward showed them how to find gold the proper way of finding gold.
they also drink Alcohol
Eureka Uprising
The miners used woolen blankets
they also use tents clustered around creeks or near the site of earlier discoveries.

Interesting Fact
Ballarat is one of the richest gold mines in the world.Women didn't need to have a miners permit to mine or pan for gold.Edward Hammond Hargraves made the fist official in 1851.


peach’s gold



When the new government came and made miners license more harsh for the miners.Miners got more made the a army stared they called them self the rebellion and stared a war to the police and governors.December 1854 the governor sent a army of polices to stop the rebellion in the Eureka stockade a battle stared and it online took 30 minutes + 30 diggers died and 5 police.
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