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What Content Marketing Needs From You in 2015 [Shared]

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Ali Alatas

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of What Content Marketing Needs From You in 2015 [Shared]

What Content Marketing Needs from You in 2015
The hard part’s over. Your product or service is done and dusted, all set and ready to go. And you can’t wait to show the world what you have to offer!
The question is: how?
By hopping on the most important digital marketing trend of 2015 and beyond:
content marketing.
Here are 8 ways to stay on top of your content marketing game:
Get Personal
Know thy customer - let this be your new mantra. The way to win over your crowd is to know who you’re serving, what their needs are, and to forge real connections with them.
This builds relationships by creating trust - the tried and true way to keeping them loyal.
How crucial is knowing your customer? Very. Big data’s the 2nd most commercially important digital marketing trend in 2015, with 14.6% of budgets going towards it.
Pay for Placement
In social media, you really do get what you pay for. Thanks to the constant tweaking of their algorithms by popular social networking sites like Facebook, brands have seen their organic reach drop by 44%.
This means that paying to have your content seen by your peeps is vital. Not only that, it’s important to craft your content to fit the platform that it’s on - also known as native advertising.
How important? That’s an 82% brand lift for native advertising!
Who has time for manually updating and posting on your social media channels all day?
Not you!
As a savvy entrepreneur, you’re already familiar with tech tools. Now let them help you with your content marketing. Look into tools that will help you not only save time, but optimise the reach and impact of your content.
It’s also the 3rd most important marketing trend - 12.8% of budgets will be spent on behavioural email marketing and web personalisation.
After all, it pays off: companies who use automation see a 50% increase in conversions.
Create Top Notch Content
What’s a great way to channel all that passion you have for your product?
By putting it into creating quality content!
If writing’s not your thing, think about hiring writers to do it for you, or outsource your blog content planning. They can focus on creating content to engage your customers’ hearts and minds, while you focus on what you do best.
Focus on
Now here’s how you can really shine: by optimising your distribution.
Placing your super stellar content on the relevant channels will put you way ahead of the crowd - only 26% of digital marketers are investing in distribution.
Get Social
Virtually everyone agrees on this - 94% of digital marketers say that social media is super important.
(But you already knew that.)
Integrating social into your content marketing strategy as a key distribution channel will ensure that your content will be seen by the right people.
As the 5th most important trend, 8.9% of budgets will go towards social media marketing.
Be Mobile-Friendly
You’re basically inseparable from your smartphone. The good news is: so is everyone else! Which is why mobile marketing will be a boon for your business - it’s the 4th most important digital trend in 2015.
Mobile-friendly also means future-ready: by 2020, 20% of all sales will be from mobile devices.
Use Visual
Stand out and be seen - literally.
The way you get attention, is to tell your story visually. Videos are definitely big now, but so is saying it aloud: podcasts and other audio content will help you rise above the rest!
Get set to ride the content marketing wave - this trend is only going to get bigger!
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