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Group 2 Electronic Presentation

A presentation including visual examples of what NOT to do.

Richard, James, and Stephen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Group 2 Electronic Presentation

Ethical Principles &
How Not to Apply Them You must understand the relevant laws
pertaining to your profession and
follow them accordingly.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse. One should be aware and respectful of the cultural conditions in which you operate, and aware of your effect on society. You should be aware of your effect upon your employees,
shareholders, clients, and coworkers and
maintain responsible and
ethical relationship with them. You have a duty to report gross ethical or
legal violations on the part of employers or
clients, except where reasonably protected by
confidentiality. You shall maintain confidentiality to your clients and
to other individuals whom you have confidential
relationship, which shall only be removed to the
extent required by legal warrant, or as needed to
maintain the gross safety of the client and public at large. You must consider and strive to maintain
your duty to provide excellent services at all times. You must maintain professional conduct at all times and
seek to be an example of your profession You shall communicate effectively with your clients,
and set reasonable expectations of services
and financial obligations. Conflicts of interest shall be avoided using all reasonable
methods, and fully disclosed when unavoidable. You
shall find a replacement for yourself if at all possible, if
a conflict of interest arises. You shall not abandon your client once a professional
relationship has been established, without appropriate
attempts to find a replacement, unless the client has grossly
broken faith. Communication with the public including all advertisments and
the like, shall be fair and honest. Honesty and reasonable discloure
with your clients shall be maintained at all times, unless specifically
contraindicted to maintain confidentially or health. You shall seek to increase
your competence and
qualifications where possible Only perform services for
which you are qualified,
competent and properly
credentialed. Presentation by:
James Elliott
Richard Burden
Stephen Moser
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