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This is The Great Gatsby

No description

Lindsay Green

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of This is The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
This is
Jay Gatsby
Mysterious millionaire who throws lavish parties and has a secret past.
Gatsby lives here
in West Egg
(the unfashionable side
of Long Island, NY)
Gatsby lives next to Nick, our narrator.
Nick Carraway:
veteran of WWI
studying business
unreliable narrator
Nick's cousin (and new neighbor) is Daisy
Daisy is married to Tom
Tom is sleeping with Myrtle...
Nick knows all of this (and enjoys telling us about it).
(and that Daisy might love Gatsby).
And that's just the beginning of...
...whereas Gatsby loves Daisy...
...and Daisy probably loves Gatsby.
The 1920s were a time of great extremes between the rich and poor.
For the wealthy, excess marked stature.
Gatsby's parties were the very definition of excess and hedonism.
Gatsby's excess was not without reason.
This Jordan Baker, golfer.
Nick likes her, but he doesn't
like her.
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