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Jennifer Schmidt

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of "Crucible"

The Puritans
The Puritans were a religious group in England.

Their views on religion were much stricter than others; they fled to America to escape religious persecution.
Puritan Beliefs
Men and women are essentially sinful.

Men are more important in society. Women are weaker and more likely to consort with the Devil.

All natural phenomena (good stuff) are the result of God's will. All unnatural occurrences (bad stuff) is the result of the Devil.
Separation of Church and State
None! Church is the center of society.

The government is controlled by a religious leader.

A decisive test; severe trial.
Arthur Miller's
The Crucible
Written in the early 1950s

Uses the names and actual events of the Salem Witch Trials as inspiration.
Salem, MA
Witch Trials began around 70 years after settlement.
A vessel used to melt metals and create steel.
Population of the town and village estimated at about 2000, with 600 living in the village.
Salem is surrounded by wooded uncivilized land.
Wrap it up...
Quick Hit:
Please write your answers in your notebook
1) Write two or three things that you know about Puritanism, Salem MA, or the 17-century witch trials.
2) What is one question you have about those subjects?
Four Corners!
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Slightly Agree
Slightly Disagree
I think powerless people should do whatever they can to take control of their own lives.
I would publicly admit to a crime I didn’t commit if it meant saving my life
The voice of the majority should be heard over the voice of the minority
A government should never admit doubt or wrongdoing.
Exit Slip
Are you interested in reading aloud in class tomorrow? A little? A lot? Let me know!
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