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The Food Web of The Taiga Biome

Learn about the food web of the taiga biome in this Prezi! Thank you for 1.4 THOUSAND views!!

Jayson Vann

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of The Food Web of The Taiga Biome

The Plants
Carnivore: Bobcats
The Grey Wolf
The Biggest Predator
The Grey Wolf, a Carnivore, is one of the animals at the top of the Taiga Food Web / Chain. A Grey Wolf eats several animals, including: Bobcats, Wolverines, and Moose.

So, they eat several animals in the Taiga, which makes them "The Biggest Predator" .

The Decomposers
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Decomposers are the "After-Math" of any food web.
The Sun Starts It
Like every food web, the sun is the most important part of the web. The sun gives energy to the producers,which give energy to herbivores, which give energy to Carnivores.
What Are The Names of Decomposers?
The Taiga
A Great Biome
By Jayson Vann
There are several decomposers of the Taiga. Some of which include: Sow Bugs, Moss, Fungi, and Soil Bacteria.
These Decomposers recycle waste, and make new things out of that waste.
Food Web of The Taiga
The Taiga is a wonderful and magnificent biome to be in. There any many unique animals to make it complete, having a complete food chain. It is a wonderful, big place.

Plants are very important to the life cycle that goes in the Taiga Biome. These plants get energy from the sun.

What Kinds of Plants are There?

There are many plants that make up the Taiga Biome. Some plants include:
Black Spruce Tree,
White Spruce Tree
White Fir Tree
and a Paper Birch Tree.
[Of Course, there are so many more!!]

Herbivore: Rabbits
You might think of Rabbits as creatures that live as long as they want. But actually, these creatures eat plants and greens, only to be eaten by Bobcats.
Bobcats are carnivores, meaning that they eat only meat. They eat rabbits. But a Bobcats' predator is a Grey Wolf.
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