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20 things about me

No description

Alex Kuper

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of 20 things about me

20 things about me 1.NY jets fan 2.like watching Ryan Newman
in Nascar races 3.MY favorite band is 4.I like watching John Cena and
Mickie James win matches 5.I like to see how horrible
Nascar wrecks can get 6.I like the roadrunner
Wile E. Coyote cartoons 7.my favorite gun is a 357
revolver 8.my favorite video
game is guitar hero
III 9.my favorite car is a
chevorlet corvette Z06 10.I want a Tarrantula when
im done with 12th grade 11.my favorite movie is
Full Meatal Jacket 12.my favorite make of
car is Chevy 13.My favorite comidian is
eitherDane Cook or Bill Engval 14.my favorite place to eat out
is Bufflo wild wings 15.I like to draw comics 16.My favorite food is shrimp 17.one of my favorite websites
is youtube 18.I hate ford greatly 19.My favorite place to
chat is Facebook 20.I like to play a game
called ballstick arena sports cars
T.V. shows
misc. websites entertainment
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