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AIESEC Induction

No description

Zosia Lutkiewicz

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC Induction

AIESEC International Rotterdam,
the Netherlands London,
UK Edinburgh,
UK EGYPT INDIA CHINA Brazil Colombia AIESEC in the UK 18 Local Committees HQ in London 7 full-time, paid employees (recent graduates) 460 EPs raised in Semester 1 established in 1948 the OGX process MARKETING APPLICATION ASSESSMENT CENTRE ACCEPTANCE
RE-INTEGRATION Birmingham - 23rd of March London - 6th of April Newcastle - 20th OR 27th of April 26 members The team! Local Committee President
(LCP) Incoming Exchange
(ICX) Outgoing Exchange
(OGX) Talent Management
(TM) Florent Meiyi - PAI 12.13 from AIESEC Mainland of China Rolf Schmachtenberg - PAI 13.14 from AIESEC Norway Dan Bell
MCP 12.13 Leo Szivo
MCP 13.14 Matching Mania is over!
:D EPs going to Cairo (Alastair, Jonida, Sophia) and Alexandria (Mu) :) Ramadan: 9th of July - 7th of August!!! Matching in the next 2 weeks! Matching
2 weeks! matching within the next week or two EPs raised before the 15th of January should have received emails

if rejected, you have the option to be matched to another education project, but it won't be paid EPs raised after the 15th of January, will be contacted soon PRE-MATCHING TN AN - Traineeship Acceptance Note EP AN - Exchange Participant Acceptance Note Group Activity JOIN AIESEC!!! ICEBREAKER! WELCOME
TO Present the AIESEC values and your expectations about the exchange experience in a creative way
(role play, song, poem, rap).

Include each member of the group in the presentation. :) ENERGIZER!!!
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