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No description

Abby Feist

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of TURKEY

The first Turkish people arrived from Asia. Turkey was ruled by the Ottoman Empire until it became independent on October 29th, 1923. During WW2, they fought on the Allies' side.

Turkish culture is influenced by China and Vienna. The people like diversity and Turkey borders Syria, Iraqu, Bulgaria, and Iran.
Background and Culture
-They speak Turkish
- The capital is Ankara
-Their GDP is $15,000
-Their population is 81,619, 392 people
-They are battling with the Kurds, a religious group in Turkey who want their own country
-They recieve and sell goods like machinery, chemicals, semi-finished goods, fuels, and equipments.-
-They do business with Germany, France, Italy, Russia, US, and China
-President Abdullah GUL
-Republican parliamentary democracy
-Religions include Muslim,Christainity and Jews
-Infrastructure is they have a weak railroad system, some blackouts, strong road system,huge power market
- attractions include beaches, historical Ottoman mosque
-Turkey has problems with illegal drug trafficking and the fight between the Kurds and the Turkish military

-People paraglide, scuba dive, raft, sports, and national parks for fun in turkey
-Turkey isnt a member of the EU, but they are thinking about joining in the future.
-Europe and turkey exchange ideas
Problems and Relations
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