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Copy of Portfolio

Trying out Prezi

Anne Gentenaar

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Portfolio

Anne Gentenaar
Designer of Visuals
VJ (Visual Jockey)
Motion Graphics Design
Visual Effects
Projection Mapping
Mixing visuals live for parties, clubs, concerts brand and events.
Getting the message across in a
fun & creative way using style & motion.
I studied Visual Effects and Interactive Media
at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and do compositing, color corrections & animation.
I've been teaching After Effects at SAE since 2010 and also give workshops or lectures.
Projecting on buildings is something I've been doing more of lately, but my first taste was in 2006 for my graduation project where we projected a virtual room in a 3D installation.
This trekkie is stil waiting on that Holodeck :)
Born Digital.nu
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