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Wedding Planner

No description

Yani Li

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Wedding Planner

Job Description
Help couples plan, organize and budget their weddings. By: Yani Li Wedding Planner They offer professional suggestion
for their clients. Such as... CLOTHING Reception Venues Catering Photography Working Conditions Many wedding planners are usually self-employed.
Others work for banquet halls, hotels, and bridal stores.

Attend events they are coordinating, such as
rehearsals, ceremonies, and receptions. Involves a lot of office work Also travel around locally a lot, visiting other wedding
industry businesses and the homes of their clients. Work long hours, both weekends and evenings.

Required to work 14 to 16 hours a day depending on their clients' needs. Salary  Earnings for wedding planners depend on a number of factors including:



Number of clients

Wedding planners earns about $15,000 to $35,000 per wedding. High School Plan grade 11 grade 12 English
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Business & Management
Hospitality & Tourism English
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Business & Management
Hospitality & Tourism Post Secondary Pathways Take part in specific programs to increase knowledge in the wedding industry. Level of education: College or University
a bachelor's degree
or college diploma

Ryerson University (Fashion design)
-an anverage of 78% or above to enter
-a completion of high school education

Seneca College (Event management)

Niagara College (Hospitality and Tourism Management) Taking post-secondary courses in areas such as photography, fashion design, catering, hospitality, and business would be beneficial. Potential Barriers Only 87 students can be enrolled in the University program.
Competitive Ways to overcome barriers: Work in areas related to the wedding industry to gain experience.

Train with a professional wedding planner.

Work hard to achieve goals. Future job prospects in Canada Wedding and event planners are expected to grow 44 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. There will be more opportunities for individuals in this profession, approximately 10% of engaged couples
work with a wedding planner. Good employment prospects in Canada. Related Occupations event planner:
responsible to creates events that address the
purpose or message that their clients want. Caterer:
works closely with clients to design, prepare, and serve menus for events, including wedding dinners, charity balls, and special occasions. Floral Designers:
arranges fresh flowers, artificial flowers, leaves
and decorations in creative and attractive ways. On a typical day a wedding planner's tasks might include:

•Discussing with clients (needs and visions)

•Visiting possible locations

•Meeting with vendors, such as caterers, entertainers and florists

•Going over details with workers

•Discussing problems

•Reviewing vendors' bills
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