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Didactic Unit: "What's the weather like?"

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Manuela Valdés

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Didactic Unit: "What's the weather like?"

This didactic unit was designed to teach EFL to 2nd grade students at a private school in Bogotá, Colombia.
Class : Presentation and Workshop
Evaluation: Webquest
Cognitive Skills
Didactic Unit: "What's the weather like?"
It is an extension to the books being used by the students: Kid's Box 3, Unit 8 (Weather report), Cambridge University Press.
Learning outcomes
Students will be able to talk and write about yesterday’s weather
Students will be able to understand and talk and write about the weather
Students will be able to understand and talk and write about items of clothing
This unit will be about the different types of weather there are (seasons) and the corresponding kinds of clothing for each weather
weather, cold, cool, blue sky, cloud, cloudy, hot, sun, sunny, rain, rainbow, snow, wet, windy, today, yesterday, coat, scarf, sweater, swimsuit, t-shirt, raincoat, hat, short, dress, sunglasses, gloves, earmuffs, rain boots, spring, summer, autumn
It’s (snowing, cold, wet, raining, windy…), What’s the weather like (at the beach, in the forest..), simple present affirmative and negative (previous knowledge) and past affirmative and negative forms: was, wasn’t, were, weren’t.
The students’ speaking skill will be fostered through in-class exercises.
Students will autonomously develop their reading, listening and writing skills.
Students will use their summarizing skills.
Students will activate (recall) their previous knowledge.
They will also demonstrate understanding of ideas by interpreting and organizing information.
Students will create new content (writing).
Students will analyze data (read graphics).
Cultural Element
Students will have the opportunity to compare the weather in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and virtually visit different countries.
Basic Competences
Students will develop their linguistic, autonomous learning, digital, cultural and communicative competences.
A mindmap related to the weather, provided by the teacher.
A mindmap exercise, prepared by the teacher.
A video about clothing, provided by the teacher.
A Prezi exercise about pieces of clothing, prepared by the teacher (internet connection will be needed for this).
A flipbook about the present and the past (related to the weather), provided by the teacher.
A Webquest about the weather, prepared by the teacher.
Class : Videos and Prezi
What to wear?
We need help organizing our clothes according to the seasons.
Can you help us?
All seasons
Put the clothes in the right place.

Class : Flipbook and Workshop
Taken from ELF Kids Videos.
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