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Haribo Presentation

No description

Pinedo Rivera José Luis

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Haribo Presentation

Thanks For Your Attention ! Conclusion 1960 International (France) History and Philosphy of our Brand Can You Guess Our Company ??? Do you want some clues ? If all items produced in a year were laid head to toe they would go around the earth 4 times! That's 160,306 Km! 100 million of our best sell is produced every day around the world? Our logo is a sweet golden bear Do You Know This Man ?? Or This Place ? And Now ??? Lets talk about: History and philosophy

Key features Production
Fact and Figures 1920 Hans Riegel founded Haribo in Bonn Germany
1923 Creation of Tanzbär
1925 Creation of Rotella (Licorice stick)
1930 Expension  (450 employees)
1945 Hans Riegel dies
1946 Paul and Hans Jr inherited the compagny
1960 International
1978-1989 Evolutions
2009 Paul dies, Awards for Hans Jr 1967 Subsidiary Marseille 1969 Tagada (Cabaret) 1971 Chamalow 1973 Dragibus 2006 Museum Headquarter Subsidiaries Production (Raw materials) Turnover Number of Employees Bonn (Germany) 15 in Europe which two in france. Sales offices in 22 countries. Sirop
Colors Sugar Gelatine Gummy Arabicum 1.5 Billion Euros Catchy
Innovating 350 million tonnes of Candy made of: French production : 54 910 tonnes Starch Key Features
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