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My Discourse Community Map

No description

Randi Bossie

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of My Discourse Community Map

Randi Bossie
educator, knitter, nerd, friend, and daughter
Work (UTEP)
Conventions: Correct grammar, rhetoric and writing studies (RWS) jargon.

Genre: Emails, wikis, powerpoint presentations, text messages.

Topics: Lesson planning, standards, syllabi, students, class ideas.
Conventions: Acronyms (sc, k, pu, etc.), slang, metric system measurements.

Genre: Patterns, charts, forum posts, photographs and drawings.

Topics: Yarn, yarn weight, hooks and needles, patterns.
Conventions: Slang, acronyms (DPS, LFG, PvP), gamer jargon.

Genre: Text chat, voice chat, videos.

Topics: Character builds, dungeon/raid directions, PvP, storylines.
Conventions: Primarily informal

Genres: Text messages, facebook posts, email, birthday cards

Topics: Anything--gossip, current events, video games, literature, etc.
Conventions: Respectful language, proverbs and sayings.

Genre: Text messages, facebook posts, emails, notes, letters.

Topics: Anything, really. Everyday events, family stories, financial planning, etc.
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