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Carlos Cifuentes Bravo

on 3 June 2013

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Effectiveness of a unit on intonation
CORRESPONDENCE Chapter II: Theoretical Framework 1. Development and Learning
2. Second language acquisition
3. Errors in SLA
4. Phonetics and Phonology
5. Intonation
6. Overgeneralization
7. Curriculum Design 1. Development and Learning Formal operations
Constructivist theory 2. Second Language Acquisition Linguistic approaches, Sociolinguistic approaches, and Psychological or Cognitive approaches.

Misconception: transfer of the rules of L1. 3. Errors in Language Acquisition Unavoidable and necessary part of the learning
process. 4. Phonetics and Phonology The suprasegmental or prosodic features of
phonology. Chapter III: Methodological Approach 1. Subjects of the study
2. Setting of the study
3. Treatment of the study 5. Intonation The melody of speech

Relationship between Syntactic Patterns and Intonation 6. Overgeneralization Extension of a rule

Punctuation-intonation correspondence 7. Curriculum Design MINEDUC
Four skills
Field of phonetics and phonology Chapter II: Theoretical Framework Chapter III: Methodological Approach Mixed method research design
Case study methodology Subjects of the study
Setting of the study Treatment of the study

Pre and post-tests
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