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Franchise project

No description

Tan Bohoran

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Franchise project

Healthy burgers
Australian Franchise
Established in 2004
Commenced Franchising in 2005
69 Restaurants
27/69 Franchise Units
Projected revenue for 2013 - $ 125M
2,760 Employees **

Franchise Information
Investment $450 - $550 K**
Ongoing costs -
Royalty 8%
Marketing Levy 2%

Franchise Information (Ctd)
Franchisor Support
Training Provided
Promotions provided
Market research provided
Marketing levy 2%

Franchisor Control
Site selection*
Design & appearance
Method of operation
Franchise Information (Ctd)
Previous franchise failures
Financial Aid
Duration of franchise license
Termination of license
Menu alternations
Supplier information
Other information needed from the franchisor
Exit Strategy**
Our team profile
Food lovers
Healthy lifestyle
Sufficient capital investment-*
Raffles Consolidated (Pvt) Ltd
Kraft food Malaysia

Marketing, Management & Accounting
Experience in the food industry

Team Goals
To establish a new franchise chain within Malaysia
To gain profits
To establish a healthier eating concept

Why Choose Grill'd?
Team of food lovers
Growing franchise business
Award winning performance **
Affordable investment
Healthy eating concept
Existing knowledge in food industry
Attractive target market

Approval for international expansion
Halal Concept
Availability of ingredients

Thank You
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