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The Executive Branch

No description

Jeff Rutledge

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Executive Branch

different agencies,
and people in charge
Prepares annual budget
Appoint Cabinet members, ambassadors, federal judges
National Level: President
Lives/Works in the White House
Presidents can approve or veto legislation
State Level: Governor
The Governor lives and works in the Governor's Mansion in Richmond.
Executive Branch
Civics Lesson #7
State of the Union Address
President is invited to Congress every year to speak about the accomplishments and the future of the country in the next year.
President enforces the laws
Presidential Pardons = forgiveness of a crime
Presidents can overturn/reduce jail sentences
Vice Presidents are also elected
Influence legislation
Approve or veto legislation
Grant pardons
Overturn/reduce jail sentences
Influence legislation
Administers state bureaucracy
Prepares biennial budget
Governors can...
Gives the State of the Commonwealth Address
Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor are also elected.
Tim Hemstreet:
Current County
Elected/appointed by the Board of Administrators
Local Level: County Administrator
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