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Digital Storytelling in Second Language Writing

No description

Joel Bloch

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling in Second Language Writing

Creating Multiple Approaches to
Academic Writing
Bridge Language
Express themselves
print, text, and music
Digital Storytelling in the ESL Composition Classroom
Joel Bloch
ESL Composition
Historic debate over the nature of literacy
What counts as academic writing?
The thing that I felt most regretful
Similar themes/Alternative purposes
Alternative choices of images
Japanese Tradition
Academic Essay
Create what
Voices they
Mashing up a variety of types of images
Connections between student
and popular culture
ability to use a
personal voice to
describe and evaluate
their ideas
Being a Muslim
Express differently or
Interact with different
Personal connection
popular culture

rhetorical purpose
responding to audience
image express
present visual
contextualize in
political events

directly confront events shaped
attitudes towards Islam
images reflect and support
her claim
transitioning back to
her own life
Challenges to herself
Challenges to view of women
images of women
voice interregates
Transnational -
Travelling across space,
time, culture
How we value different
forms of literacy
What do people gain
from becoming literate
Intellectual Property/
Sources are used/
synthesize sources
to argue
traditional commitment to genre
pushing the boundaries of multimodality
create new forms of literacies
transferring strategies and skills across boundaries
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