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Class Procedures & Routines

No description

Lauren Specker

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Class Procedures & Routines

Procedures & Routines
Miss Specker's 5th Grade Class Procedures
Morning Procedures
Make one line outside of the 5th grade classrooms
Greet your teacher outside of the 5th grade classrooms
Eye contact
Respond appropriately
Choose to greet her with handshake, hug, or high five
Make lunch choice on SMART Board
Place your backpack on the desk
Take out: homework, A.R. book, Take Home folder, notes from home, or papers for the office
Hang up your backpack
Begin working on morning work quietly and independently

Hallway Procedures
Line up quietly
By side
Behind your back
Always calmly walk with quiet feet and mouth
Eyes forward
Give peers polite redirects or put your hand up and wait for an adult
Always model for: Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade
Always stop for: younger students, adults, peers, guests, and ladies.

Lunch Procedures
Going to…
Walk silently into the building from the recess ramp
If you have a cold lunch, grab it as we walk inside
Silently walk into the lunchroom and stand on the black line
Coming back from…
Walk up the middle aisle
Form one line at the trash cans, dump trays quickly
Go out into the hallways and wait on the wall silently
Wait for your teacher’s direction
Walk back to the room silently

Bathroom Procedures
While you’re in the classroom, you may:
Sign out on the clipboard when you leave for the bathroom
Sign in when you return
You must ask for teacher permission, and this will NOT be during instruction
While you’re in the bathroom, you will:
Enter the bathroom silently
No talking
One squirt of soap
Use two paper towels
If you see trash, use a clean paper towel to pick up the item(s)
Leave the bathroom silently
You may use the bathroom twice a day as needed, and anytime you have an emergency

Birthday Treats
If you choose to bring birthday treats to school, please tell the teacher the day before so she can plan accordingly.
Birthday treats with be passed out at the end of the day at 3:30pm. Depending on the day, recess might also be an appropriate time for birthday treats.
You may only bring store bought snacks (this is a district wide policy).

5th Grade Learner Expectations
Distractions from learning:
Boyfriends and girlfriends
Passing notes
Bullying of any kind

Definition: Doing something that causes someone to be upset, making someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe
These topics or actions will not be tolerated at Bryant Elementary
Sexual harassment: inappropriate words or touching (swimsuit areas: shoulders to knees), can connect with boyfriends and girlfriends, having to do with bodies, body parts, or nasty words

Possible consequences:
Discussion with classroom teachers
Investigation with the principal
Expelled from school

Pencil Sharpening
sharpen two pencils in the morning before the announcements start.
Once the announcements start, no more pencils can be sharpened.
If your pencils break during the day, replace it with a sharp pencil from the “sharpened” bucket and leave your broken pencil in the “needs to be sharpened” bucket and get right back to work.
The pencil sharpener will sharpen all of the broken pencils at the end of the day.
Classroom Library
When borrowing books from Miss Specker's library place your numbered clothespin on the bucket you took the book from
When returning book place clothespin back in the basket
How to pick a "just right" book!
Use the 5 finger method
Choose a page to read, each time you see a word you don't know put a finger up
1 finger= easy reading
2 fingers= easy reading
3 fingers= just right
4 fingers= challenging
5 fingers= difficult
Dismissal Procedure
Quietly get your backpack from the hook and bring it back to your desk when your table is called
Fill you backpack silently while listening to read aloud
Daily Specials
A day: Music then P.E.
B day: Music then P.E.
(bring tennis shoes)
C day: Media
D day: Art
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