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Career Reflection, Abstract, and Presentation

Mike Libbey EHS PLTW: POE 5/21/12

Michael Libbey

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Career Reflection, Abstract, and Presentation

Mechanical Engineering
Career Reflection, Abstract, and Presentation Mike Libbey
5/21/12 Table of Contents

• Abstract
• Description
• Demand
• Salary
• Education
• Reflection Abstract Description Demand Salary Education Reflection A typical four to five year program can lead to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degree. A Mechanical can become a Professional Engineer after 4 years on the job. Mechanical Engineering is the discipline of engineering involving mechanical systems. A mechanical system is a machine or tool involving multiple parts to lower the force needed to accomplish a specific goal. Mechanical Engineering can be seen as problem-solving using physics combined with calculus, chemistry and biology. It is considered one of the oldest and least specific branches of engineering. The median salary (form the first job out of college) of a Mechanical Engineer (in the United States) is $60,254. I'm glad to have looked at Mechanical Engineering for this project. I am currently enrolled in Iowa State University's School of Engineering and this project has helped me realize what I will be soon studying. Of the many Engineering disciplines, I believe Mechanical Engineering can be seen as the strongest. With a great demand and salary, Mechanical Engineers can be extremely successful. The demand of Mechanical Engineers dropped with the economy in 2009. However, it is currently approaching its largest demand in the last 4 years. The national average salary of all Mechanical Engineers is $67,700. References:
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