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CTY Staff Orientation

No description

Stefanie Moore

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of CTY Staff Orientation

Key Idea
Key Idea
What to do when an issue arises...
Confidentiality at CTY
Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention
The following areas require a degree of discretion in order to protect student and staff privacy:
Health Issues (including medication)
Social and emotional issues
Family issues
Learning differences
Anything an individual would prefer others not know
The Standard for Sharing Information
Everyone is on a need-to-know basis
Limits of Confidentiality
Sensitive student or staff issues are shared on a need-to-know basis only
Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention
Staff members are obligated to share information with administrators if:
a person's physical or emotional well-being is compromised
it will improve a student's ability to be successful in class and/or the residential program
it will improve a staff member's ability to be successful at his or her job
you have information that is relevant to a staff member's ability to effectively perform his or her job or to follow CTY policies.
If a staff member has critical information about a student or staff member's emotional or physical well-being, he or she MUST share this with the appropriate administrator.
Never promise a student absolute confidentiality
Student safety is the number one priority
Be discrete when you share sensitive information with administrators
Contact me or the Site Director immediately if you are at all concerned about a student's well-being (it is best to be overly cautious!)
If you cannot reach either of us, contact the Main Office and they will find us.
If it is a safety situation, do not leave the student alone.
Use your judgement with regards to what staff should stay with the student
Document- you MUST complete a CIMR each time an incident occurs.
Johns Hopkins University policy and procedures
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