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Plot Development

No description

Madison McDonald

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Plot Development

Plot Development
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1. Exposition
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
2. Rising Action
The series of events, such as conflicts, complications, and struggles, that lead to the climax
3. Climax
Three things typically happen here...

1. The reader is the most emotionally involved in the story.
Ex: Happy, Sad, Terrified
2. The action is at its HIGHEST point.
Ex: A war/fight might be at its deadliest stage
3. The story is at a turning point.
Ex: A character might undergo a change after learning an important life lesson.
Occurs at the BEGINNING of the story. It exposes the setting, introduces the characters, explains the background, and introduces the characters' main conflict.
As you view this video clip, identify the setting, main characters, and conflict.
A struggle between two opposing forces.

Man versus Self
Man versus Nature
Man versus Man
Man versus Society
Man versus.....
Man versus...
Man versus...
Man versus...
Types of Conflict
Internal Conflict: A MENTAL or EMOTIONAL struggle (occurs within)
Types of Conflict
External Conflict: A struggle between a character and another character or nature.
Partner Discussion
What types of conflicts were present in the video clip?
Write your response on your whiteboard.
What clues hint that this is the highest point of the story's action?
Hint: Think about the change in music and the facial expressions of the characters in the scene.

4. Falling Action
The events that follow the story's climax. These events lead to the resolution of the story.
5. Resolution
This happens at the end. All conflicts have been resolved, and we know what's going to happen to the characters in the story.
As you view this video clip, identify why this is the story's resolution.
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