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Risorgimento timeline

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Domenic Adami

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Risorgimento timeline

Timeline of Risorgimento
1802- France captures Piedmont
In June 1802 a new client republic, the Subalpine Republic, was established in Piedmont and in September it was also added. Together with Vienna, the Kingdom of Sardinia was restored, and also received the Republic of Genoa to strengthen it as a barrier against the French.
1809- Napoleon captures Rome and the Papal States
Napoleon causes a war to break out and is victorious in capturing Rome and the Papal States (Pope states).
1831- Mazzini forms ‘Young Italy’
Giuseppe Mazzini meets Garibaldi and inspires him to join him in unifying Italy.
1796- Napoleon invades Italy
1850- Cavour becomes the first ever Prime Minister in Sardinia Piedmont
1858- Count Cavour meets Napoleon III at a ‘Peace Conference.’
1870- The unification complete
1866: Italy sides with Prussia in the Austro-Prussian war
1860- Sail to Sicily
With British approval, Giuseppe Garibaldi and his redshirt army leave Genoa in Sardinia-Piedmont to set sail for Sicily to conquer the island from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
1882- The triple alliance is made
Italy made alliances with Austria-Hungary and Germany, this alliance is now called the triple alliance as agreement stated that if on country was being attacked the others would defend or if one went into war the other would attack.
1805- Napoleon as King of Italy
Napoleon announces and crowns himself the King of Italy. Italy and France could no longer support being a republic after 2 false starts. Italy became the Kingdom of Italy with Napoleon being the king after being persuaded by the commissioners.
1814- Napoleon is defeated and banished
Napoleon is defeated and banished in Waterloo in Belgium, Germany.
1833- Garibaldi sentenced to death
Garibaldi is sentenced to death for part in a revolution in Piedmont and goes into exile. But he flees and escapes getting killed.
1848- Revolutions arise
Revolutions arise throughout Europe, including in the Italian states. This causes much change.
1855- Sardinia fight alongside
Britain and France
1861- Sicily and Naples vote to join Italy and Count Cavour dies

1864- The capital of Italy is moved from Turin to Florence
While Rome was proclaimed capital of Italy, it wasn’t capital officially because they were still under Papal control.
1870- October
Rome becomes the capital city of Italy after the unification.
1815- The congress of Vienna splits Italian states apart
When Italy was invaded by Napoleon, the states were unified under one government. However when Napoleon was defeated the Congress of Vienna split the states up.
By Domenic Adami
When Napoleon was appointed to command the French army in 1796, he wasted no time in invading Italy.
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