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Foodguru [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Foodguru [Shared]

A lifestyle membership cater for Singaporean.
Inspired by the lifestyle behavior of the modern society.
“The Old way of Advertising is no the longer like the way it used to”
The Vision
To the public “Eat, Drink and Save for the next meal” is just a Company Tagline
To Foodguru, is a motto and a vision.
Yes, It meant discount but for us, it is really more than that.
Yes, It seem like a impossible mission
But Dream with Action will become Vision.
What is

A lifestyle membership cater for Singaporean.
Inspired by the lifestyle behavior of the modern society.
for Using
Food Guru

No sign-up and Registration Fee
(Basic Member)
Accept at all the easy
access restaurant
(Basic Member)
Instant sign up and save on the go
(Basic Member)

Google account
Consumer Behavior
Credit Card "A"
Credit Ca
it Card "C"
How Foodguru

Shopping Malls

"All for one and ONE FOR ALL"
Today, too many strategists believe that a clever plan to win the internet’s attention is a good digital strategy.
“How do we get people to be loyal to us?”
“How loyal can we compel, seduce, or trick our customers into being?”
Modern Marketing Makes Zombies
Most of the time, let’s face it:
marketing is a tedious
exercise in brainwashing.
Here’s the problem with creating marketing zombies. Sure, they might raid your malls. But once they’re done, they’ll probably try to eat your head.
By that I mean that when all you do is earn people’s attention, without trying to earn their respect or trust, they can turn on you on a dime.
Making people zombies is a bad idea not just for the zombies … but for the mad scientists.
Unless you happen to want to spend the rest of your life at war with the people formerly known as your customers.
Creating an army of zombie customers is a terrible way to build a great brand.
of viewers don’t trust traditional advertising anymore
of the population are using internet.
are under
30 years of age
People trust ads
of people trust consumer recommendation for purchase decision
Trust Celebrities
Trust Experts
Trust Friends
81% of respondents said to received advice from friends and
Followers relating to a product purchase through a social site
Are You Ready To Take the Shift?
So what the difference?
Conversion Tracking
Dynamic Optimization
Augmented Reality
Retailers would also like to influence consumers who are beyond their immediate perimeter.
That means they need a good sense of how distance and time affect receptivity to mobile offers.
For consumers close to the Merchant, same-day promotions worked best.
For consumers farther away, a one-day delay was the most effective, increasing the odds of a purchase by 71% compared with a two-day lag.
Consumers tend to use smartphones for activities that can be completed quickly and don’t have to be postponed or remembered for very long—obtaining directions, checking the weather, or texting friends to coordinate plans, for example.
Thus, a promotion for a nearby event is most appealing when the event will happen quite soon.
For mobile users at a remove from a promoted event, travel time and planning become constraints, so they do better with some advance notice.
Though our results show that there’s such a thing as too much advance notice, presumably because the promotional benefits are then not immediate enough.
Foodguru Partner will be listed on the

User will be able to get the detail of the
Restaurant desired.

Such as:
Contact Detail
Operating hours
User are able to view the latest promotion and
Event held by our partners

Promotion shown to USER base on behave and

(Studies shown that it will take 30 impression to
make an impact to a consumer)

User not only able to view and participate

They can choose to share with friends and

100% guaranties “ THEY WILL ! ”
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