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Sewing Programs

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Laureen Gibson

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Sewing Programs

Give Me a Chance A Catholic non-profit in Ogden, UT
started by the Sisters of Charity Mission
Inspired by the God given gifts and dignity of each person, the Give Me a Chance program strives to empower low-income women by teaching them marketable skills and providing opportunities that will enable them to become self-sufficient (gmacutah.org, 2012)

The Give Me a Chance project offers trained individuals the refined skills and basic business practices necessary to establish entrepreneurial micro businesses. This enables growth of self-confidence, self-esteem and promotes human dignity by enabling participants to provide for themselves and their families (gmacutah.org, 2012). Basic Sewing and Alteration Class
Intermediate Sewing and Alteration Class
Advanced Sewing Class
Design Class
How to Sell on the Internet Workshop
Crafts Workshop
Commercial Embroidery Clas
Commercial Long Arm Quilting Class They offer free sewing classes and workshops Other services offered include: Teaching business skills through classes and workshops regarding:
starting a home based business
basic finance
business communications

Micro financing for individuals who are ready for the business venture
Mentoring by assigning a business mentor to these individuals
They also... provide alteration services
offer custom designed, tailored apparel
take on sewing contracts from schools, businesses and boutiques
created their own clothing line: "De Marillac" http://gmacstore.com http://gmacstore.com http://gmacstore.com http://gmacstore.com Sewing Programs and Self-Esteem Laureen Gibson
Saint Mary's University of MN Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) offers... Women’s participation in this program builds organization, self-esteem and improves the family’s economic situation, thus allowing their children the opportunity to attend school. women training in sewing and tailoring. "Because it is a safe place to gather, the center has become a space for women to share common concerns of family and community" (http://www.sewinc.org/, 2012). Salvadoran Enterprises for Women builds and manages the financial resources, community networks, solidarity efforts, and the U.S. and Salvadoran markets that facilitate new—and help expand existing—employment and development opportunities for women in El Salvador.
Salvadoran Enterprises for Women helps women in El Salvador develop their capacities as workers, achieve satisfaction in their skills as producers, affirm their self-respect as humans, claim their dignity as women, and grow secure as family providers. Mission http://www.sewinc.org/ Other skill taught include... Indigo Dying
Candle Making
Natural Medicine and Beauty products
Milk and Cheese Products
Chicken Coops
Traditional Salvadoran Foods and Restaurants
Bakery, Candies and Jelly http://www.cis-elsalvador.org/en/grassroots-organizing/women-a-microbusinesses.html "We are a small organization run entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to give disadvantaged children and the communities they live in a fair chance in life. We try to achieve this by supporting locally managed projects that care directly or indirectly for their education, health and well being."

http://www.eacpcharity.com/about/who-we-are/ As part of the EACP's sewing project, single mothers in Kenya are taught basic sewing skills in order to generate their own income http://www.eacpcharity.com/our-projects/sewing-machine-project/
Salvadoran Enterprises for Women (SEW) Sewing Programs for Women
United States Sewing Programs for Women
International Sewing Programs for
Girls and Young Women Girl Scouts of the USA Founded in 1912, the Girl Scouts' mission is to "build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place." A variety of programs are offered, for example... Girl Scouts of New Jersey
“Sewing is a fun-filled and exciting art that helps foster the creativity of young minds while training them to follow instructions and developing critical thinking skills. Best of all, by designing and sewing their own creations, girls will boost their confidence and self-esteem” (gsnnj.org, 2012) Progressively challenging classes from the Girl Scouts of New Jersey include: Sew 1 - Sew Basics: girls learn to use the sewing machine and create a pillow case
Sewing 2 - Sew Fashion: body measurements and basic construction are covered. Girls sew a skirt.
Sewing 3 - Sew You!: While using a commercial pattern and learning more advanced sewing skills (curves, darts), girls sew a tote bag.
Sewing 4 - Sew Zip - Girls learn about zippers, basic quilting, and create a personalized pillow.
Sewing 5 - Sew Sporty: Girls learn how button holes and make flannel PJs.
Great Taste Designs' "Sew Creative" Youth Program From Great Taste Designs: “We are committed to being a valuable resource for girls, women and the community in the areas of teaching self-efficacy, empowerment and self motivation. All of our services encourage participants to “Live in Style” by - successfully taking charge of Your Life Each day” The 12-week program covers: sewing
project planning
making presentations
creative thinking

"At the end of the program, participants host a showcase to display their projects to guardians, faculty, and peers." (greattastedesign.com, 2012) Teens Sew Cool The Arizona based sewing program that serves pre-teens and teens Mission The object of Teens Sew Cool is to teach the art of sewing to young people with the goals of giving them a sense of self esteem, pride of accomplishment and skills for future use in family and possible income production. Teens Sew Cool... Is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization that seeks to teach sewing skill to kids that could otherwise not afford to take classes
teaches sewing skills through the creation of a variety of projects, including: pillows, pillowcases, stuffed animals, bean bag chairs, tote and cargo bags, PJs and more
also incorporates community projects into each session, such as lap quilts for veterans
www.teenssewcool.org/ A quote from a "Give Me a Chance" student... “This class has motivated me to believe in myself. I was able to learn different things, not just about sewing. Sr. Maria has motivated me to maybe go to college. She helped me believe I can do something different with my life” (icatholic.org, 2010).
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