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By: Chris and Jessie

Jessie MacDonald

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Biomass

Biomass! By: Chris and Jessie Definition Biomass energy is made of any organic materials that can be burned and used as fuel. - It can be burned and used to make bio-power which makes electricity. -Waste was put into briquettes which are like small logs.
-The briquettes were burned to make heat which releases energy to gas turbines or co-firing plants. How it Creates Electricity Sources of Biomass -Energy crops are grown to be converted into biomass.
-Corn and beans are good because they grow quickly.
-Fast growing trees are good because they can grow back if they are cut low and can be harvested every 3-8 years.
-Human and animal feces is good because we will never run out of it. Is It Renewable? -Biomass is a very good renewable source of energy.
-It takes waste and converts it into energy.
-It's impossible to run out of waste therefore, it can be renewed.
-Renewable energy comes from natural sources, and biomass is a natural source.
Costs and Benefits -Almost impossible
to run out of.
-Can easily be stored for future generations.
-Helps with overall waste disposal.
- Can be produced locally.
-Decreases dependance on fossil fuels, which is good because fossil fuels cause a lot of of pollution. -Also it can be converted directly into a liquid product by thermochemical means. Costs Benefits -Expensive process.
-Power plant requires huge space and large amount of water.
-Expensive to store.
-The conversion process needs different technologies which are more expensive.
-Since the plants need large space, that means they have to wipe out an area
completely to build the
plant which could be
taking animals out of
their home. The End! The End! Energy efficient? -Biomass's efficiency depends on the source.
-Some sources are more efficient then others.
-ex. burning wet wood will not be as efficient as dry wood as it does not get as hot or burn as well as dry wood.
-Most biomass is efficient as the ethanol the source releases is very powerful.
-A good source of biomass is wood so to get enough wood, we need to cut down a lot of trees.
-When we burn the wood, it releases a lot of smoke in the air, which creates pollution. The End! Biomass!
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