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Used to

No description

Daniela Trigo Guerrero

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Used to

* We use USED TO to talk about past habits and repeated actions. Example: My mom used to help me do my homework when I was a child. * We can't use USED TO for an action that only happened once. Example: Falabella opened in 1990. Falabella used to open in 1990. They used to play tennis. How do we make this sentence negative? They didn't use to play tennis. subject + didn't use to + infinitive * We make negative sentences with: They didn't use to play tennis. I used to live in Calama when I was a child. What's the question to this answer? Where did you use to live when you were a child? Where did you use to live? Question
word did subject use to infinitive Did men use to buy skincare products? What's the answer to this question? No, they didn't. Yes, they did. or (in the past, I don't get up early now) I used to get up early. We know that we use USED TO only to talk about the past... But what if you still get up early... ...So, what do we use to talk about repeated actions in present? I usually get up early. Used to
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