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Fire Hydrants

No description

awesome possum

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of Fire Hydrants

The invention of fire hydrants After fire hydrants Body Body Body The first fire hydrant was invented by George Smith in 1817. He invented it because he saw that his home town of Manhattan didnt have enough water for everyone. Fire Hydrants Before fire hydrants After a major fire in Boston in 16 31, the first fire regulations in America were installed. In 1648 the first Fire Wardens were appointed in New York City.
In 1736 Ben Franklin put together the very first fire department in Philadelphia. Unfortunely the volunteer fire fighters were poorly organized. The men labored at pumpers with limited effectiveness. They often had to use ropes and dynemyte to pull down buildings in order to stop the fire from spreading. Early on, pioneer firefighters fought fires using bucket lines There are many regulations concerning fireh hydrants. two of these are that fire hydrants must be at least 29 inches off the ground and they cannot take up more than 300 feet.
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