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Putin Now

No description

Sydney Laicha

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Putin Now

Putin Now
He personifies the secret police as a method of government.
He is running his own propaganda to still be in office.
Putin created a war by going into Ukraine just to take the land of Crimea.
Most in Russia see Putin as a dictator.
Refers back to social problems.
He increased energy prices so high to another country that people are dying of cold.
Return of soviet-like control?
Putin the president or Putin the dictator?
Social Problems
Population Decline:
149 Million---> 144 Million between 1992 & 2002
Death Rate Increase:
Due to poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse, AIDS, and other diseases.
Edward Snowden:
He is wanted by the United States for leaking classified information but Putin claimed asylum; strained relations with the United States.
Anti-Gay Laws:
It is now illegal for gay couples to adopt in Russia.
There is a ban on propagandizing nontraditional sexual relationship to minors.
The United States are banned on adopting Russian children.
Russia has suffered multiple attacks and now want to combine resources to combat terrorism. Russia supports the global antiterrorism campaign. Works with the United States to stop the spread of Nuclear arms.

There are many red flags that Putin has raised that has made him seem more like a dictator than a president. Some include:
changing laws so that he can be in power as long as he wants to
he is constantly using propaganda to control media
Putin was once apart of the KGB
he is known to jail people who he sees as to powerful or a threat or people that talk badly about him
when Putin was President he had the power, when he became Prime Minister he kept that power, he now is the President again and the power stayed with him (power follows Putin)
Putin also introduced many harsh policies against citizens he doesn't like
By: Sydney Laicha, Emily Poff, Emily Hartman
and Lexie Eberly
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