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Charles Darwin

No description

Elana Boudreaux

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Info about Charles Darwin
What did Charles Darwin do?
Charles Darwin is known as the Father of Evolution.
He was also responsible for The Theory of Natural Selection.
His findings help to prove the theory of evolution and natural selection.
Darwin's Studies
Recognizing Natural Selection and its effect on population aided his theory.

Worked upon the HMS Beagle as a naturalist and collected biological and fossil speciments that seemed to be diverse.
Born Febuary 12, 1809.
Died April 19, 1882
Given The Copley Medal, Royal Medal, and Wollaston Medal.
Naturalist and Geologist.
The Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands
Charles Darwin studied many species of plants and animals here.
He found these animals to be unique to each island but similar to other animals elsewhere.
These animals included finches and torturous.
People Who Helped Darwin's Theory
Thomas Malthus helped Darwin's theory by indicating that human populations grow faster that the Earth's food supply.
James Hutton proposed that the Earth is shaped by geological forces over extremely long periods of time.
Jean-Baptiste Lamarke proposed that the selective use or disuse of an organ led to a change in the organ that is passed on to offspring.
Alfred Wallace published his own theory of evolution by natural selection around the same time as Darwin.
People Who Helped Support Darwin's Theory
What is Evolution?
Evolution is the change over time.
Says that modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms.
Happens over a long period of time.
Continues to happen today.
What is Natural Selection?
4 Principles of Natural Selection
1. Organisms produce more offspring than can survive.
2. In any population individuals have variations of traits.
3. Individuals with certain favorable traits survive in an environment and pass it down to offspring.
4. Over time, offspring with certain traits will make up most of the population and look different that ancestors.
Other Things That Effect Darwin's Theory
Genetic Drift
How allele frequencies fluctuate on predictably from one generation to the next.

This might cause the lose of an allele in an entire population.
Other Things That Effect Darwin's Theory
The Bottleneck Effect
A sudden change in the environment. such as a fire or flood, may drastically reduce the size of population. In effect the survivors have passed through a "bottleneck" and their gene pool may no longer be reflective of the original gene pool.
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