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Texting Messaging

how people of the current genneration communicate differently then people of other gennerations due to the increase of text messaging.

allison brown

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Texting Messaging

TEXTING statistics 72.2% of wireless users have paid for SMS packages. This equates to 203 million Americans. 57% of wireless users 13+ are considered regular text message users. There has been a 107% increase in text message use in the USA in the past year. 2.5 billion text messages are sent each day in the USA. More text messages are sent per phone than phone calls 15 million Americans used video on their cell phones in quarter two, 2008. 138 million Americans have sent a text message in the past three months. At first, text messaging has not been very popular since it was designed primarily to be used by the hearing impaired. During the 1990s only few messages were being sent through SMS. But during the year 2000, there have been a gradual increase in the use of text messaging.
The History Of Text Messaging The first ever text message was sent during 1989 by Edward Lantz, a former NASA employee. The text message was sent through a Motorola beeper. The message consists of numbers read upside down to read the message.
texting lingo IDC- I don't Care
B/C- Because
BTW- By The Way
LOL- Laugh Out Loud
IDK- I don't know
BFF- Best friends forever
TTYL- talk to you later
BRB- Be right back
NM- nothing much
TMI- To much info
G2G- got to go
Luv- Love
L8r- later
Wht- What
W/E- whatever

Communication has changed over time Now that texting has become now popular, people communicate differently. Texting has made it easier to communicate by you can contact a lot people at one time, it is easier to multi-task, it makes conversations less awkward, and you can say stuff through a text that you might not want to say in person. Some may say that texting has changed communicatiion for the worst, but many people would disagree because they believe texting is an easier way of talking to each other By: Allison Brown,
Summer Marra,
& Kenzie Patrick
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