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alphonse amobi

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Canada

Canada Canada is a large country they are the second largest country in the world. Canada's Physical feaetures are the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains, st.Lawrence River, Hudson Bay Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes,And the Canadian Shield .
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/geography SS6G5 Canadians have two national languages those languages are English and french. The reason is because France and England are the ones that settled in Canada so 2/3 speak English and the Canadians that live in Quebec speak French. Their two major religions came from the two countries too Catholicism came from the french and Protestantism came from the English.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/history SS6H4 SS6CG3 Canada's environmental problems are acid rain, pollution of the Great Lakes, extraction and use of natural resources on the Canadian Shield, and the Timber industry. Acid Coal burning factories and vehicles pollute the air.hey mix with water molecules in the cloud to turn the water acidic. Most of the rain goes south to the great lakes area and that is how the lakes get polluted.
Extraction and use on the Canadian Shield is basically mining for natural resources and at leaves a mess ,destroys soil. Timber is one of their resources in the Canadian Shield .Canada is the leading producer of timber products. When they are given area to cut when they live nothing
but clear cutting.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/geography SSG67 In 1497 a british explorer named John Cabot to the eastern coast of Canada.He was looking for a sea route to Asia but he didn't find the route. A hundred years later a French explorer named Samuel de Champlain established the settlement of Quebec,Both France and England wanted to control North America. In late 1791, the British government drew new boundaries in Canada. Most of the British people lined in "Upper Canada," and most of the French lived in "Lower Canada. In 1867, the British parliament created the Dominion of Canada. This meant that Canada was an independent, self-governing nation, but still part of the British Empire.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/history SS6H5 In Quebec 99% of people speak French.The Quebec in dependence movement was a movement to let Quebec be independent. The government of Canada wanted Quebec to be part of Canada.The Canadian federal government has tried to satisfy the separatists. In 1988, the government passed the Canadian Multicultural Act, guaranteeing all Canadians the right to preserve their cultural heritage.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/history SS6H5a First of all introduction In this presentation you will find out all what you need to know about Canada. SS6G6 Canada's climate is varied their climate depends on the area's temperature, elevations, , wind patterns, And precipitation. But most of Canda is cold so people choose to live in the southern part 75% liv in southern Canada in the wester pacific mountain reigion weather is snowy and there is ice. On the Coast it is rainy.The Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River Lowlands is the most densely populated part of Canada. People live there because of its fertile land, temperate climate, and large cities like Montreal and Toronto.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/geography Canada is a Parliamentary Democracy. The parliament has three parts the house of common, the monarch and the senate. The executive branch enforces laws and the judicial and the judicial interprets the laws.Their head of state is queen Elizabeth II. Their head of Government is Joseph Harper.
https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ca.html SS6E1c SS6E1a SS6E1b SS6G6
Canada's trade is impacted by its location, climate, and natural resources. Its location determines its major trading partners, and its climate and natural resources determine what Canada trades.Canada exports many of its natural resources to other countries.About 70% of Canada's manufactured goods are produced in the Great Lakes region, where the lakes, rivers, and St. Lawrence Seaway are used to transport goods to other countries.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/economy .Command economy central government takes over all
.Market economy controlled by the producers and Consumers
.Traditional economy based on habits and customs.
http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/canada/economy 1) What to produce?
Allot of countries produce goods and services based on what resources are available and what will make the most money for the lowest cost.
2)How to produce?
Manufacturing is one way that people can produce.
3)For whom to produce?
The people in the economy will produce for a target market. .Canada is a market economy
.Brazil is a market economy
.Cuba is a command economy Brazil .Businesses
decide and
approves or
denies Cuba Canada .Businesses
decide based
on supply
and demand
(price) .Government makes all economic decisions .Government decides how to produce goods and services. .Businesses
decide and
approves or
denies .Businesses
decide based
on supply
and demand
(price) Most countries are mixed economies because in most economic systems both individuals and the government are involved in making the important economic decisions. So it is not always the government in control or the people always in control.Being a mixed economy gives them a fair share of power.
schools.paulding.k12.ga.us/.../study%20guide%20unit%203 http://www.slideshare.net/klgriffin/comparing-the-economic-systems-of-brazil-canada-and-cuba
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