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News Presentation

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Aaron Ormiston

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of News Presentation

Man Cave Monday Man Cave Monday
Weekly News Tornado Path Based ON Research Tornado in Mississippi Car Crashes through Roof in Stamford, Ct Driver Chenpai Lee lost control of his
car, swerved across the road, barrelled
into a stone wall, went airborne, busted
through the roof of an office, landed
in the front yard, and tore down some
power lines on his way down. Nobody
was hurt. Thailand Approaches civil war? Rhetorical Strategy Analysis and story time with tim schodt SB 1070 Legislation stifiling civil rights? Time to test your knowledge
1.Where did the tornado hit?
D.Under There

2. What civil right does the SB 1070 bill potentially jeopardize?
A. Right to bear arms
B. Right to free speech
C. Right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty
D. Right to an attorney

3.How many deaths have there been since the outbreaks in Bangkok, Thailand?
A. 26
B. 525, 600
C. 189
D. It’s over 9000!!!

4. What religious icon is constantly censored and simultaneously mocked on South Park?
A. Jesus
B. Muhammad
C. Mrs. Benson
D. Joseph Smith

5. What was the cause of Chenpai Lee’s airborne auto accident?
A. It was late at night
B. He lost control of the wheel
C. He was speeding
D. He is Asian
E. All of the above except D because that’s a racial stereotype

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