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"You're Always Wearing Your Letters"

Video to show the incoming PNMs on Orientation Night so they can really understand what being a sorority woman means.

Lauren Lallande

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of "You're Always Wearing Your Letters"

So, you’re interested in joining a sorority?
We’d love to have you.
You’re the type of person
we look for:

We think you’ll do great things here, and we hope that we’ll open some doors for you. You will make lifelong friendships, and hopefully, you’ll be the type of person whose positive impact will be felt here for many years.
This is the start of something really cool.
We know you have your reasons for joining, and we also know that the reasons you’ll stay will be entirely different.
People tend to join for the image, the props, and the social stuff....
they stay around for the friendships and
because they find a place where they can
impact the lives of others.
Soon, these letters will be yours.
But, there’s one lesson that we need to impress upon you before you sign your name on the dotted line, pay that first fee, and get that first t-shirt.
It’s the single most important thing we’re going to ask
of you, so you need to listen and understand
it, now, before you say “yes.”
It’s the one most important thing that any sorority can impress upon its new members.
Truly, our survival as an organization on this campus,
and nationwide, depends on you understanding this one simple lesson and taking it
to heart.
It’s more important than
our history, our traditions,
our structure, or our rules.
Because, if you don’t understand this most fundamental lesson, then
none of the other stuff will matter.
If you don’t get this one
“golden rule of sorority,” then your
daughter won’t have this kind of
organization to join someday, and
all of this will just be a
fuzzy memory.
Here it is. Ready?
From the moment you say "yes" to one of these organizations, you are
wearing your letters.
I’m going to repeat it.
Committed, enthusiastic,
a leader!
It’s a family.
We know this.
Soon, you will, too.
We’re not talking about t-shirts, or sweatshirts, or hats made in the
colors of the group.
We’re not talking about a
tattoo on your ankle,
some party favor, or a
badge you wear on
your dress shirt.
Everything you put out to the
world is a direct reflection of
your sorority. Every decision, every
achievement, every mistake
you make happens to all
of us from this point forward.
What we mean is that when you say yes to lifetime membership in this group, everything
you say, do and represent from that moment forward is a direct reflection on this group,
your sisters, and the thousands of members who have come before you.
When you go to the grocery store, you represent us.
If you fall asleep in class or earn a weak grade, you represent us.
When you drive down the road and slow down so a
pedestrian can cross the street, you represent us.
When you turn 21 and hit the town, you represent us.
When you become a leader of another campus organization, you represent us.
When you insult someone or talk badly about another sorority, you represent us.
When you break up with someone and make decisions
about how you behave during that difficult time, you
represent us.
When you go on Spring Break, you represent us.
When you go home and sit at your mother’s
dining room table, you represent us.
When you get a job and go to work for a company or organization, you represent us.
When you commit your life to that special person, someday, you represent us.

You are always wearing your letters.

Are you getting the idea?
Remember, when you say yes, you’re
not just putting letters on a
sweatshirt. You’re putting them
in your heart.
From this day forward, always.
Every day, in every situation.
They never come off.
You have to assume that every person you meet will form a permanent opinion about sororities – good or bad – based on how you interact with them. Every good thing you do builds us up. Every dumb thing you do tears us down.
We live in a time when the actions of one man or one woman can kill a group like ours. One person who acts in a way that is inconsistent with our shared values can end a hundred years of tradition and pride.
One choice you make on a Friday night can take away everything that generations of women have worked to build.
All the stuff you see that belongs to us can be boxed up or thrown out, because of the choices you make.
If this seems a little intense,
that’s good.
Because it’s serious.

If it sounds like too much responsibility, or if you don’t think you can behave in a way that reflects well on us at all times, then walk away now. Do us the favor. We won’t think less of you. In fact, we’ll thank you.
This sort of commitment isn’t for everybody.
But, don’t say "yes"
unless you understand.
We’re not asking you to give up anything.
We aren’t asking you to become something you aren’t.
We’re asking you to become something more.
We’re inviting you to become part of a group of women who make a promise to take care of each other, every day.
We’re asking you to become the very best version of YOU that you can be.
We’re asking you to take a leap of maturity and to go to that place where you’re the same, honorable, dignified person on Saturday night as you are on Tuesday morning.
It’s a big deal, and not everyone can do it.
Forget everything you’ve heard up to this point.

Forget how much you might desire this, or how much we might want to bring you into the group.

Just clear your mind and ask yourself one question...

Are you ready to never take them off?
If we’re doing sorority right, then we’ll make you a
better woman.

If you’re doing everything right, then you will make us a

better organization.

So, please think about it.
Take it seriously.
Because if you say “yes”...
...these letters belong to you
as surely as they belonged to our founders.
If you say yes, these letters become your responsibility forever.
That’s the promise.
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