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Europe in Crisis (1815-1833)

No description

Kristin Oase

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Europe in Crisis (1815-1833)

Europe in Crisis (1815-1833) Repression, Reform, Revolution What prompted the crisis? Conservatism
ENGLAND The Tory Conservative
Defeated Napoleon
Large unemployement
Reactionary policies Corn Laws Stoped importation of foreign grains
Helped the aristocracy
Increased the cost of bread
Protests by the poor and unemployed Coercion Acts Suspended Habeas Corpus
Limited the freedom of the press and public meetings Peterloo Massacre
Liberal demonstrators demanded repeal of Corn Laws Six Acts of Parliament Reaction to Peterloo
Repressive measures that targeted liberalism
Gave authorities more power The Cato Street Conspiracy Radicals plotted to blow up the entire British cabinet
Discredited government and brought down the Tories Gundpowder Plot 1605
Margaret Thatcher 1980s See a pattern? FRANCE Louis XVIII Constitutional Monarchy Followed charter/constituion of the Restoration period limited royal power
granted legislative powers
protected civil rights
upheld the Napoleonic Code Wanted unify the French New elections resulted in ultra-royalists being rejected in favor of moderate royalists Moved government to the right Electoral laws restricted the wealth
Censorship imposed Liberals driven out Austria and Germanies Metternich Napoleon Reduced German states from 300 to 39
Purpose of the German Confederation was to guarantee the independence of the remaining states Hohenzollerns Prussia
Liberals looked to as leader of German liberty due to government reforms
Reforms were targeted towards improving efficiency of the government Junkers followed Carlsbad Decrees Attempted to end liberals and nationalists
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