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The Lost Journal

The making of The Lost Journal

Chris Tingley

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of The Lost Journal

Creating an
iPad Book Things you need An Author An illustrator Some techy people Patience An idea jamelakib.com conjure.co.uk susiecornfield.com The Lost Journal www.lostjournal.co.uk The Process Discussion Sketches Drawings Artwork Text Story Mock ups Development Tweaking Why does Dekaydence, a sweetie manufacturer, need an army of Red and Black Tartan guards? Who or what are they protecting? Or hiding? And what’s with the wild metal dogs that devour rubbish – and human flesh - and whose infra-red eyes, I think, relay information back to Dekaydence HQ.

Oh yes, there’s more to the global Company of Dekaydence than chocolate, candy, media and entertainment. But what?

I’m a GeeZer committed to saving the planet from environmental meltdown and I wonder why Dekaydence is setting up ‘green’ teens cafés.

So I go in, underground. Along tunnels, by sewers I know well. I go alone. Into Dekaydence. I make notes, which you have now found.

Don’t look for me, I’m probably dead. But if you care about the planet, and the lives of everyone and everything on it, get this information to the leader of the GeeZers, the Face. And fast. Chris Tingley
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