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Indus River Valley

History project

Grace McNealy

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Indus River Valley

The Indus River Valley
Large area, surrounded by mountains
Enjoy modern conveniences like:
-Plumbing & irrigation
-Multistory homes
-Livestock & farming
-Arts & crafts
-Modern writing systems
-Marketplaces & barter
Provides great scenery and protection from enemies!
Enjoy Native art!
And like any great civilization, we have these five criteria!
Find the job that's right for you and become one of our specialized workers!
We also have advanced technology to help us along.
Join our advanced community!
Be enlightened! Come worship and read our "Books of Knowledge"!
Our culture is in an area between India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
Each house represents one of our fine cities!
We have a very unique manner of writing and record-keeping! Each of our seals have symbols and pictures and we have well over 400 symbols!
This is an Easter egg! Hello!
This is an Easter egg! yayayay!
Copper tools and weapons
Record-keeping is a very important aspect of our society
The Indus River Valley
Though we do not hunt wild animals, we still raise some animals like chickens and goats to eat. We don't eat beef, but we do eat fish!
You could join our fleet of experienced farmers or become an artisan and sell your crafts in our thriving trade centers!
Our government is non-violent and we have no military
Our rulers control the trade and religion of our society and make sure everything runs smoothly
Each ruler carries a seal representing their power so you will know who our great rulers are
We have many different rulers who have power over different areas of our civilization
We have many cities but our two biggest cities are Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapa
You can join one of the large civilizations in one of these cities or join a smaller civilization
Our cities are farth enough apart to allow trade between them but close enough that we can have central rulers
Our Cities
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You can worship Buddhism or Jainism
No elaborate religious ceremonies
Simple and Easy
Worship animals and animal gods
A unique way of writing and communicating with many symbols and advanced drawings
main Indian religion: a major religion and religious tradition of South Asia, the oldest worldwide religion, characterized by a belief in reincarnation and a large pantheon of gods and goddesses
Multi-story Houses:
Houses with multiple levels
branch of Hindu religion: an ancient branch of Hinduism that rejects the notion of a supreme being and advocates a deep respect for all living things
Bronze tools:
Our ability to make and use bronze for tools and other technologies takes us far above the other societies
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