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Decolonization of Somalia

No description

Adolfo Adame

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Decolonization of Somalia


Adolfo Adame
Alex De Leon

Who and When
Britain, Italy and UN
Somalia is the eastern tip of Africa
aka "The Horn of Africa"
July 1, 1960
Britain in 1887
Italy in 1910
(UN in 1950 but gave Italy control of the territory)
Before the Western
Warsangali Sultanate, the Bari Dynasties and the Gobroon Dynasty had control over Somalia before Britain and Italy. Somalia was a politically, economically and socially stable country that built castles.
Somalia hated Britain because of their christian beliefs and because their leader, Mohammed Abdullah Hasson hated christians. Their leader had made the dervish state, he also had connections with the ottoman and german empires which were apart of the central powers.
After the Western
This is basically what it was like before Italy since Italy took over after Britain. They were led by Mohammed Abdullah Hasson, they hated christians and they also had relations with the central powers of the Ottoman and german empires
Somalia was at the standard living of colonists. Somalia also made a notable level of development with a small manufacturing area with agricultural industries
How and Why
Effects of
Somalia Today
Signed treaties with then ruling Somali Sultans to establish a protectorate* in the region referred as "British Somaliland"
The stated purposes of the establishment of the protectorate were to "secure a supply market, check the traffic in slaves, and to exclude the interference of foreign powers"
Also signed treaties with the ruling Somali Sultans to establish a protectorate of their own to create "Italian Somaliland"
Were interested in the largely arid territory mainly because of its ports, the latter of which could grant them access to the strategically important Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aden
The British and Italians both agreed to give independence to their respected protectorates on the condition that both lands would join together and form one nation
Both lands officially became the Somali Republic on July 1st, 1960
Effects of Colonization
Although the country developed, invasions and wars took place around the Somalia area. The Italians led an invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 and successfully took over British Somaliland 1940. The British planned a campaign to retake the land taken over by the Italians. The British regained control of Ethiopia, British Somaliland, and Italian Somaliland by 1947.
The Somali Republic were in a good state as soon as they became independent. A deal was made between Italy and the UN after World War II to allow independence in Somalia after ten years and in the meantime, give social, economic, and political education to the population. They didn't need Allstate to be in good hands.
They are still in their Civil War that started on January 26, 1991 due to the rise of different militias and corrupt governments
They currently have 3 European Union operations going on in the country
There are still a lot of unresolved issues in Somalia today, half being all them and half being the wars/conflicts located around them
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