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Oil Spills

No description

Leon Michl

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Oil Spills

Oil Spills
What Are Oil Spills?
An oil spill is when liquid petroleum (Fuel or Oil) released into the environment, especially in coastal and marine areas.
This is due to human activity, also oil spills are classified as a type of pollution.
The term oil spills mostly refers to marine oil spills.
Oil spills may occur on land but that happens rarely.
How Do Oil Spills Affect The World?
Oil spills affect the world by damaging the environment and killing wildlife
Sometimes species are wiped out
Oil spills damage the economy of people who sell and export fish
Oil spills cost a lot of money to clean up (A couple of billion dollars)
Oil spills damage the food chain and if the food chain collapses the world is in big trouble .
The amount of people visiting a place that had or has an oil spill will decrease (Decrease of tourists)
How Do Oil Spills Affect Australia?
Biggest Oil Spills In History
How Do They Damage The Environment?
Oil washes into coastal marshes, mangrove forests making the area unsuitable for wildlife to live in
In these wetlands and marshes plants absorb the oil in the water and they get damaged by the oil and unfit to provide for wildlife
Oil spills are the death sentence of birds and their species because they damage nesting grounds and cover birds in oil when birds dive for food in the ocean
Oil removes sea birds natural protection such as their ability to fly and their insulation and waterproofing
Oil birds preen them self to restore their natural protections most often swallowing oil during the process, which is fatal to the bird by severely damaging their internal organs
Even marine animals such as whales and dolphins are affected by oil spills, whales and dolphin's blowholes are clogged up and their food is contaminated by the oil
Damage Caused By Oil Spills
Oil spills damages Australia's economy
Australia's beautiful coastline is contaminated by oil and therefore a lot of australia's tourism and beaches are damaged
Local fisheries and huge exporters are crippled because of the contaminated fish they catch
Oil spills do not however benefit the wildlife they kill and can sometimes wipe out species
What causes oil spills?
Tankers releasing crude oil
Offshore platforms
Drilling rigs and wells
Waste oil form large boats
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Pictures Of Oil Spills
Solutions To Stopping Oil Spills
Regular safety checks on oil tankers and drilling rigs/platforms
Modify tankers with a state of the art GPS and double hulls
Support environmental groups that fight to prevent oil spills
Process oil waste instead of dumping it in the ocean
Invent new ways of making energy sources
Ride a bike or walk to school, work, training and other places
Buy solar panels or small wind turbines
Buy green electricity (Green electricity is electricity produced from sources that don't harm the environment)
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