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Copy of Possessive Nouns Prezi

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Maranda Mitchem

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Possessive Nouns Prezi

Possessive Nouns
Activating Strategy:
person, place, or thing
wearing a noun
eating a noun
Possessive Noun
What is the difference between a possessive noun and a regular noun?
To possess something is to have or to own
So a Possessive Noun does what?
Possessive Nouns:
Show that a person, place, thing, or idea HAS or OWNS something

It shows possession or ownership.
BUT: now that we know what a possessive noun is: How do we write to show that?
To make a singular noun possessive, you can add an apostrophe (') and an s to the end of the word!!!
Example: Moby has a hat.

= Moby's hat

Annie has black hair.

=Annie's hair is black.

1. Make the word possessive
2. Write a sentence using the new possessive word

Example: Butterfly

New Sentence: The butterfly's wings are pretty.
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