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My Family Tree

No description

Lindsey Bullard

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree Lindsey Kathleen
Bullard Joseph Eugene
Bullard Angela Kathleen
Gentry Carl Eugene
Bullard Jo Ann
Lammert Theresa
Bullard Jeff Bullard Gary Bowdoin Treva Bowdoin Garrett Bowdoin Kendra Bowdoin Darlene
Westerfield Justin Bullard Tyler Bullard Amos Tilton
Bullard Effie Crawford Earl Bullard Shirley Nelson Daryll Bullard Donna Scott Derek Bullard George Seely
Bullard Elizabeth Katherine
Power Annie Elizabeth
Bullard Floyd Bullard George C
Bullard James Lee
Crawford Emma Pudance
Ashley Robert Crawford Ema Crawford Willie Crawford Della Crawford Frank Crawford Rosa Crawford Johnnie Crawford Maude Crawford Andy Crawford Mattie Crawford Arnold Lammert William Lammert Anna Weithorn Edwin Lammert Lawnie Lammert Rubie Lammert Willie Lammert Annita Lammert Ester Lammert Johannah Lippe Doris Lammert James Lammert Maurice J
Shulz Amanda Schulz Beverley Carver Christopher Lammert Fritz Lippe Annie Lippe Fred Lippe Clara Lippe Marvin Lippe Adeliene Lippe Billy Gene Lippe Lorraine Lippe Sherry Kathleen
Pelley John Willis
Gentry Jr. Lucy Angeline
Jones John Edd
Pelley Jimmy Edward
Pelley Norma Jean
Pelley Wanda Lou
(Pookie) Pelley Dorothy Ruth
Pelley Patrick George
Pelley Larry Jean
Pelley Molly Ann
Pelley Evie Lou
Foster Katrine Renee
Pelley Vannessa Michelle
Pelley Rhonda Suzzane
Pelley Joe Bennett Curtis Paul
Reed Sr. Curtis Paul
Reed Jr. Julie Ann
Reed Kathy Vincent James Pelley Patricia Pelley Kenneth Fox Greer Micheal
(Goose) Pelley Wanda Rae
Cunningham Micheal DeWayne
Pelley Timothy Shannon
Pelley Maureen Cualeen
Pelley Keith Barrett John Christopher
Barrett Chad Edward
Barrett Kerry Kenton
(Kid) Pelley George Mumford
Pelley Lula Betty Day John Willis
Gentry Sr. Dorothy Helen
Hill Willis Benjamin
Gentry Ruby Howard James Wesley
Hill Blanche Drew
Martin Lawrence Arthur
Jones Flornece Virgilee
Raney William Lammert Photo Gallery Effie Crawford and Amos Tilton Gravesite George Seely Bullard's
Gravestite 4 Generations of my family Pelley brothers and sisters The End Shannon Ranae
Reed Anna Weithorn Lucy Angeline Jones John Edd Pelley W.W. Day and Lou Day George M. Pelley and Lula Betty Day
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