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AMEC Presentation

No description

Sublime Digital

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of AMEC Presentation

Mortgage Marketing & Branding
Integrated Comprehensive Approach
Consistent Digital Branding
Everything looks the same
Mobile App?
Social Media
Email Signatures
Your Website your 24 Hour representative
We create websites that are beautiful and easy to use...
User Interface and Interaction is key to higher conversion and engagement
We ensure the mobile experience
is user friendly and easy...
With our social media branding, we ensure a consistent look and feel!
Signatures will look professional and customers can contact you right away.
Consistent on emails
And on phones
We look forward to working with you
Thank You!
| www.LimeWorksInc.com | 2941 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 290 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
We Will Build Location Office Pages
Local Office Page
Loan Officer Page
Connect with your clients using text message marketing...
We build reliable secure Intranets!
Consistent Digital Branding+Consistent Relevant Content = Better Engagement & Higher ROI
Consistent Relevant Content
engaging content that makes sense, and connects
example: http://sanantonio.amecinc.com
Over 60% of searches are done on a mobile device, your site must be optimized for mobile interaction!
It takes an average of three times of a brand being seen, before it is truly recognized. Consistency online is key to faster recognition AND TRUST.
With our social media management, we create and distribute relevant content, that
grows your audience & establish TRUST.
Creating relevant controlled content is crucial to connect with on your social media accounts
We monitor your accounts & BRAND online
We respond in a timely fashion to inquires
We create quality RELEVANT content, to engage your audience
A password protected, easy to navigate intranet system is vital to security and peace of mind.
Text "TELLESTAD" to 71441 to see an example!
From connecting with clients, to having a true digital business card... we think the cell phone is the best way to reach your client and stay connected.

Our platform allows real estate professionals to really engage
and stay connected with their clientele.
Lime Works is a digital I.T. & digital marketing and web agency specializing in helping organizations go to the next level by analyzing, prescribing and executing strategies that make brands more consistent, more engaging and more efficient increasing ROI.
Who We Are
Inappropriate and Irrelevant content makes the brand look bad...
We create relevant, engaging content that makes sense for your industry.
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