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In vivo biomechanics of trapeziometacarpal joint

ME 755

Qi Zheng

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of In vivo biomechanics of trapeziometacarpal joint

Trapeziometacarpal (TMC) Joint
Future Studies
Data analysis for more subjects
Male vs. Female
Young vs. old
Healthy vs. OA
Qi Zheng

In vivo Biomechanics
Trapeziometacarpal Joint

Increased contact area and force
Double saddle shape articular surfaces
Constantly involved in repetitive loading
The second most common hand joint affected by osteoarthritis (OA)
Etiology and pathogenesis remain unclear
Previous Studies on TMC
Absence of in vivo validation of contact mechanics
In vivo Kinematics on healthy and OA TMC joints
Contact mechanics on cadaveric models
Trapeziometacarpal (TMC) Joint
Primary Objects
Quantitative in vivo TMC joint mechanics during functional light grasp
Possible variation of contact mechanics due to gender difference and OA development
Primary contact at volar compartment
increased contact force
dorsal translation of the contact region
OA development
Image segmentation
Image Registration
Surface model
Bilinear cartilage
Triangular bone
Dorsal expansion
Segmentation and registration accuracy
Possible TMC OA development
Substantially higher contact area and force
Dorsal expansion/translation of contact region
Uniform cartilage thickness assumption
Surface fitting accuracy
Surface contact vs. Finite Element Model
[1] Kwak SD, Blankevoort L, Ateshian GA. A Mathematical Formulation for 3D Quasi-Static Multibody Models of Diarthrodial Joints. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 2000;3:41-64
[2] Miura T, Ohe T, Masuko T. Comparative in vivo kinematic analysis of normal and osteoarthritic trapeziometacarpal joints. The Journal of hand surgery. 2004;29:252-7.
[3] Pellegrini VD, Jr., Olcott CW, Hollenberg G. Contact patterns in the trapeziometacarpal joint: the role of the palmar beak ligament. The Journal of hand surgery. 1993;18:238-44.
[4] Armstrong AL, Hunter JB, Davis TR. The prevalence of degenerative arthritis of the base of the thumb in post-menopausal women. J Hand Surg Br. 1994;19:340-1.
Primary volar contact
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