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ME371 - Project 1 Presentation

ME371 - Mechanical Design I

Jonathan Shapiro

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of ME371 - Project 1 Presentation

Mechanical Design I Project 1 Team 12 Rami Janoudi Ben DeWys Yichu Jin Jonathan Shapiro Objective: "Design a fourbar mechanism capable of printing a number with one full crank of the input link" Letter Selection: Based upon mechanisms covered in class
Sought a realistic, practical design which could be physically built
Ultimately chose "S"(partans!) Concept Evolution (1) Concept Evolution (2) Challenge #1: Questions? Introductions: Rami Janoudi
Ben DeWys
Victor Jin
Jonathan Shapiro Prototype: "Single Parallelogram" Uncertainty Configurations*** Conclusion: Function Generation Code: Development and analytical design of project was challenging
Construction of the functioning prototype proved to be difficult NX Motion: "Double Parallelogram" Challenges #2 & #3: Function Generation Anomaly

Kutzbach's Paradox*** Challenge #4: NX Difficulties Challenge #5 & #6: Dimensional Precision
Machining Troubles***
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