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SerenaFit.com Online Fitness Memberships 2013

Watch our fun presentation on what SerenaFit.com online memberships include!

Serena Scanzillo

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of SerenaFit.com Online Fitness Memberships 2013

SerenaFit.com Memberships 2013
Email #1:

(Sent the 1st of the month)
Your SerenaFit Lifestyle Guide: Includes a note from your trainer, a Monday-Friday workout schedule AND a SerenaFit Nutritional Pyramid explaining what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Email #2:

(Sent end of week 2)
A SerenaFit certified workout play list to MOTIVATE you wherever and whenever.
"Wow. Seriously? All that?
It must be expensive."
Sign up today at
Every Journey has a beginning...
Have you ever said these things?
"I want to make something great happen."
"I'm going to do this once and for all!"
"Ugh. I deserve better than this."
"I put everybody else first - never myself!"
"There's got to be an easier way."
Nothing short of a miracle I tell ya!
You deserve the best so start training with the best.
Yours starts today.

I definitely have believed
one or more of those statements
at some point in my life."
But what now?
How do you make a change?
Your first step in the right direction.
Your comprehensive online fitness solution.
A commitment to all that you're worth.
"Hmm. Interesting. I'm intrigued! So what exactly are these memberships?"
A SerenaFit.com membership is like having your very own fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coach each week of the month.
A SerenaFit.com membership is a total wellness package delivered straight to your Inbox!
A SerenaFit.com membership is a resource for you to use daily, to help develop the motivation, positivity and clarity you need to succeed.
"Awesome stuff! So what else? I need the details."
Plan to receive four coaching emails a month that will guide you on your path to greatness.
Email #3:

(Sent around the 15th)
Mid-Month Check-In. Expect a NEW recipe to switch into your SerenaFit Nutritional Pyramid, reminders and recommendations from our SerenaFit Kitchen Coach, and lifestyle advice.

Email #4:

(Sent middle of week 4)
A c
ongratulations on completing your month of hard work and a sneak peek of what's on the agenda for the following month.
Wait...there's more!
"More? Yes!"
My goal as your virtual fitness and lifestyle coach is to get you closer to a life you want to wake up to everyday - to help you create the best possible version of yourself. With that being said, I've decided to price these memberships at $9.95 per month.
No Catch. Just your commitment.
"This sounds too good to be true! What's the catch?"
*Billing begins on the first of every month with the options of reoccurring payment.
Two trendy magazines
One foot-long sub
Two happy hour beverages
Last minute trip to 7-11
Round trip public transit fee
Songs and apps
What do you spend $9.95 on over a months time?
A lot of personal responsibility is involved. Let's not forget that. YOU have to decide to show up everyday. YOU have to commit yourself. YOU have to want things bad enough in order to yield the results you want to see. I am here as a guide, a coach, an informant and a supporter of your success.

Remember that price shouldn't really be a second thought here. This is an investment in your health, your wellness, your quality of life. Follow my program with SerenaFit.com memberships and I guarantee you will change your life for the better in more than one way!
Learn more about www.SerenaFit.com here!
SerenaFit.com channel in review:
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