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Tok Presentation

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Tiago Bossart

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Tok Presentation

Money actualy spent
Again corruption
How far emotion is involved when it comes to a big event that affect everyone?
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro:
Tiago Bossart Rubim Augusto
Session Number: 60320001
Knowledge Issue
To what extent does the spent of billions to build or reform stadiums, overcome the necessity of building new schools and hospitals, which are now in a precarious situation?
Tok Presentation
Real Life Situation
Mother gives birth to her child in front of a busy hospital
Situation of the country
Ways Of Knowing
Areas Of Knowledge
Second Order Questions
Is it ethic to take the public money and use it for the world cup instead of infrastructure?
How far is the importance of the thinking of a public person against a public opinion?
Wasn't more necessary to build schools and hospitals as they are in a very poor situation instead of stadiums?
- What is your opinion about the statement Ronaldo gave on the first of December 2013 "It is not with hospitals we do a world cup?
- What are the negatives and positives point of this world cup?
Jose Paulo:
Jose Paulo:
Jose Paulo:
"For sure, if the public money were applied to improve the educational and hospital system in Brazil,
we would be a country of the first world in education and health, as once we were in soccer
, that is used to justify this madness, and that is now far to be the good soccer played at other times."
"The right thing in the wrong time.
A country that has people dying in hospitals runner can't give itself the luxury of holding an event of this size"
Jose Paulo Rubim, Retired soccer coach
Sergio Claudio dos Santos, retired soccer player
3 Questions
"Knowing well Ronaldo, I can only say that he was misunderstood."
"Sometimes it is better to keep quiet to not give the impression of being stupid or just talk and show everybody the size of your stupidity."
"Positive is the possibility of being champion and
have a carnival in July
. And as one of the narrators of matches says, "E disso que o povo gosta.
The negative point will be the journalists of other countries showing to the planet the unpreparedness of our country"
"Everybody were already aware of the capacity of our national team,
what the world wanted to see was the evolution of our country in aspects such as education and infrastructure.
The positive point is all the benefits that the cup and its artwork will bring."
lack of teacher
lack of schools
Expensive stadium
only for the cup---> South Africa
Counter Claim
New clubs
new opportunities
thanks to the cup
Switzerland, Geneva:
46 people interviewed
18---> Yes
17---> No
11---> No opinion
-In brazil a manifestation took place where the main slogan were "there will be no cup" in your opinion, should it take place in brazil?

-In a school
-16 to 20 years old

46 people interviewed
-at the beach
-various age
15---> Yes
11---> No
20---> No opinion
Human Science
My opinion
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