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Treaty of Versailles

No description

Zhi Lim

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles was the root cause that brought
Hitler into power The Treaty of Versailles
led to the existence of Appeasement The Abysinnian Crisis The Treaty of Versailles was within the points that the League of Nations was to be set up.
If the league was successful in creating an international force, attacks on Abyssinia would not have occurred and Hitler would not get the opportunity to remilitarize the Rhineland. World War Two may have been prevented. The League of Nations failed to uphold its aims and was one of the causes of the World War Two breaking out. However, it was not the most significant one.
(The Treaty of Versailles is) IN CONCLUSION WHY?
Had the Treaty of Versailles been more lenient, Germany would not be constrained by the bitterness and be able to move on without hatred towards the loss of World War One.

There would also be no need to rebuild and army or regain lands. Therefore, appeasement would have been unnecessary. The reparations clause and the confiscation of land that contained heavy industry had severely weakened Germany’s economic stance.

Germany suffered hyperinflation and poverty spread throughout the countries. IN CONCLUSION So? The poor standard of living after WW1 brought about opposition to the Wiemar Republic. A more extreme leader with extreme measures was voted to cope with the situation. The Treaty of Versailles German citizens remembered
the anguish caused by
the effects of Treaty of Versailles with vengeance.
This led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. It is the suffering of the Treaty of Versailles that brought an extremist to become dictator of Germany.

To conclude, though Hitler’s actions had been a cause of World War Two, the Treaty of Versailles was the root cause that had brought Hitler to power Germany was humiliated by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and wanted to regain former glory of having a large army, lands and foreign colonies was sought after. The terms of the treaty had limited German army to 100,000 men without any military vehicles. Important lands were also taken away.

As Britain continuously appeased Hitler, Hitler managed to rebuild his army and conquer many lands in Europe.
The strengthened Germany became a threat. The League was a consequence of the Treaty The invasion of Poland triggered World War Two. Hitler was afraid of invading Poland as he did not want to start a war with the Soviet Union. The Nazi-Soviet treaty was an assurance that they were not going to be invaded next. Once it was signed, Hitler could safely invade without fear. However, without the Treaty of Versailles Hitler would not come into power and start invading many parts of Europe.Without the Treaty of Versailles, Germany and Soviet Russia would not even to signed the Nazi Soviet Pact because Hitler would not want to take Poland. The Treaty of Versailles caused the Nazi Soviet Pact The League was supposed to prevent Mussolini from invading Abyssinia. Failing this, it gave the impression that the League was weak. Union between countries fell apart and Hitler was more confident in reinvading Rhineland Without the presence of the Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations would have been non-existent and would not be considered a cause of the start of World War Two. Inarguably, the most significant cause of WW2
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