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The (Classwide) clean energy project

No description

Alex Christofferson

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of The (Classwide) clean energy project

The (Class wide) clean energy project
The Idea...
Our determined, enslaved, scientists have been working for 20 years on a clean energy solution! We discovered a new polarity when we accidentally put two extra-extra-extra-extra-extra- large Earth magnets together, destroying every thing in the lab. It killed every one, but we (Sort of) perfected it to be family friendly and safe-ish thing.
Created by Alex Christofferson, Blake Koelbl , Tristan Skinner.
We are promoting our world wide phenomenon for clean energy. From the makers of Sham Wow! comes, Polarity!!! The newest product from Fultronic energy inc.
Thank you for watching...Remember we see everything.
How it works...
We simply just reversed the polarity of TWO permanent earth magnets so one of them is suspended in midair! To prove that this can power anything with ZERO fuel, we are going to be the first company in the world to make a FLOATING CAR!!! Go back to Germany Mercedes Benz! We will insert metal rods into the road, or make roads out of magnetite then we will make a car with the reversed polarity from the pipes. Or instead of digging up everything, magnetite in the ground could also suspend our car in mid-air. The motor is comprised of a homo-polar motor, using an electromagnet we will use a special power source to hook up to the electromagnet to make an infinite power source. The magnetic field is not a problem though as the magnetic field will keep the motor stable, but the cars frame material unbalances the field and prevents the cars frame from attracting magnetic objects
The Motor...
The motor is an electromagnet comprised of a homo polar motor that starts with a cylindrical car battery that is on top of a powerful magnet that spins a preferably copper tube that has been bent in the shape of a heart that spins around at Moc-5 generating electricity that flows through an electrical wire connected to a piston that spins a magnetic fan that moves the car forward, or backward.
The cost...
The car takes ZERO, NIEN, Niet, No gas! Which saves you thousands of dollers in gas and weird nicknacks you buy at the gas station. But the car itself costs $100,000,000 U.S.
This project will help the economy because the fuel industry wont have to mine the fossil fuels and there for we wont need to buy fuel for the car, gas station will go out of business which means more jobs for curing cancer... thanks enslaved doctors :)
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