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Mandeep Gill

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of TetraSteels

Letterhead: company name, address,
phone number and fax number Tetra Steels is a company that provides high quality steel to its clients. Tetra Steels is a partnership, owned and operated by Navin Gaunder and Mandeep Gill. We began operations on September 22, 2009. As of 2009 we have continued to provide steel to various clients and grow profits. Our future goals for this business is to gain a larger clientele and become world wide. Tetra SteeLs Date Customer Precise information
particular sale. Total ammount
of sale. Informs type of transaction. Slip serially prenumbered.
Ensures no slips are lost, not
recorded, and keeps false slips
from being created. Easy reference. Date Description Debit and credit
balanced. Accounts being changed. We are paying
Russel Johnson the
ammounts owed from
previous bills. Buying metal from
Richmond Steels Recycling
partially on accounts rest
with cash. Cheque Purchase Invoice Cash Sales Slip Double Purpose Sales Slip Indicates wether
items sold for cash
or on account. Steel sold to Mittal
Metals on account. Sales Invoice Old equipment sold
to Welding & Engineering
Co. Ltd for cash. Bank Advice Interest debited to bank,
on loan.
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