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No description

Yvette C

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Cynics

When The
Cynics school founded by Antisthenes around 400 B.C. Leader school was founded by Antisthenes, a pupil of Socrates who was interested in his frugality Most famous Cynic = Diogenes -lived in a barrel and owned nothing but
a cloak, a stick, and a bread bag
-when asked if he wanted anything
he replied "move aside" Happiness attained when with nature not found in external items once attained it is never lost Even if they may suffer in poverty or in heath they are not concerned with it because if they are with nature, they are in happiness Death One should never be concerned with their health Suffering and Death do not disturb their life What would a modern day cynic do, say, or think They would live very simply, without any possessions including a house, excess clothing, books, etc. They would live out in nature. They would not go to school because all they ever feel the need to do is be and enjoy life. They could be nudists, seeing no need for clothing unless living in cold environment. They could possibly be farmers – once they own the land they are self-sufficient. Do Say/Think “I don’t need anything, but the cloths on my back and food in my stomach.” “What a lot of things I don’t need!” -Socrates “Materialism is unnecessary because objects aren’t needed.” “Politics and the media are pointless.” “Nature is all we need. To live in peace with nature is to live a happy existence. Nature shows us what’s important in life: reason, self-sufficient, and freedom.”
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